Friendship, Flowers and Food.


Flowers and Food

Gloria Powell ( is a event florist on St, Croix heavily involved in working with tourists who want to get married in a St. Croix celebration. This means she has to make the wedding couple, the wedding planner, the hotel and all of the guests happy. Well Gloria loves people and she loves making them happy. She also loves flowers and loves to work with them. This makes her great at what she does.

She always brings extra of everything and that’s where this story of the flowers begins. Seems as she was taking the extras back to her car, I told her if she had any that would go to waste, she could dump them on me. She said OK and kept walking to her car and when she returned she had that spectacular bouquet pictured above. I asked her what I owed her and she said nothing. I told her she could pick all the flowers in my yard that she wanted because most of mine go to waste, I consider her random act of kindness fantastic.

Now the meal has one unique part but in essence we are talking beach food and you would most likely see the combination on a plastic plate as it includes, Grilled chicken, Coleslaw and Green Banana Salad which is usually served cold. I had planned this meal a few days earlier when I prepared the Goya Pollo de Escabeche. And after finishing all the chicken and vegetables decided the marinade was too good to throw out so I rebuilt the entirely different yet traditional Banana Salad with capers, Spanish olives, thin sliced Onions, minced garlic and the cooked green banana.

Wedding Flowers

I derided to serve it on our Lennox China because the Wedding Bouquet deserved to be in good company. I even got out a Table cloth but drew the line at real silverware. Well Gloria, your flowers turned my ordinary dinner into a memorable event.

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2 Responses to “Friendship, Flowers and Food.”

  1. Carol Says:

    I love the sound of the Chicken with the Green Banana Salad,i have never had Banana in a Salad,in fact i very rarely eat them!the Flower’s are pretty,nice photo!thank’s for sharing!

    • Poppa John Says:

      Thanks for stopping by again. Green banana salad is a starchy vegetable rich in potassium which is important to people who exercise. It is edible when boiled but much better when included as part of a stew or salad. The green banana must be absolutely green, no yellow.

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