Salt Fish and Pepperoncini Flat Bread Pizza


Salt Fish and Pasta

Of course I recognize that the featured picture is pasta with red sauce and in this case it’s Salt Fish Marinara or Baccala alla Marinara with a side salad of home grown arugula and tomatoes. I had an friend come by and this is a very easy meal to quickly prepare once the fish is washed. Washing the fish can be rushed if you change the water every half hour and swirl the fish around in the fresh water. Since I always cook too much for guests I used 12 ounces of salt fish and a 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes as the base. Naturally, there was leftover sauce, but not much, as my friend had a couple of helpings of pasta and salt fish sauce.

Salt Fish and Pepperoncini Pizza

In the past I had experimented with flat bread pizzas and really enjoyed them for dinner. The eight inch shells pictured above only have about 150 calories for each tortilla, so this is really not a gut busting breach of portioned controlled eating and besides, I find I can stick to my program of weight control if I really indulge myself once in a while and feel a little guilty about the pleasure of food.


Once again there is not a real recipe. I toasted the shells in the oven for 10 minutes spread the leftover sauce on the browned shells, Sprinkled the shredded Mozzarella and Parmesan on top and then sprinkled the chopped up pepperoncini on top of the cheese. The pies were cooked for 1o more minutes and then cut up and eaten.

Why this particular combination. My friend John From the Palms loves an Anchovy and Jalapeno Pizza pie and the only other one that likes it is me. So, we started sharing a pie about once a week, and when he and his wife went on vacation, I decided to make my own but the only peppers I have around are the scotch bonnet which are extremely hot and the milder Greek peppers. This worked out as a pleasant combination.


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2 Responses to “Salt Fish and Pepperoncini Flat Bread Pizza”

  1. Carol Says:

    Look’s delicious!i have not heard of pepperoncini before,i too made Pizza last night,i made potato,anchovy,and chilli,i also make my own base!and i top mine with low fat Mozzarella,which i’m not really found of,i like the real stuff! thank’s for sharing,lovely photo’s!

  2. Poppa John Says:

    Pepperoncini are those slightly hot greenish gold peppers served in Greek salads or Italian antipasto. I include them in my salad everyday which I make to kill the4 mid day munchies.

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