Temporary Suspension of New Recipes


I am about ¼ of the way through a 16 day detox where I skip all alcohol and eat healthier foods including lots of nuts, no sugar and more green vegetables. I wont be posting new recipes for the next two weeks but if anybody wants to see what it takes me to quit alcohol, eat healthier, lose 6-10 pounds, drop inches from my waist and relapse with occasional bad choices, you can follow my actions, ask questions and even criticism my bad choices as I track my daily activities at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Coffeepot-Cooking/388614061149768. I am already down an inch on my belly, and 3 pounds in the first three days and no, I don’t suffer. Tonight is fried chicken thighs and fried seasoned yams. Will be happy to hold even in weight tomorrow but plan on a 6-7 mile walk so I can afford the relapse. Also I have no set goals but somewhere around 172 or a permanent 8 pound loss would be nice.

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2 Responses to “Temporary Suspension of New Recipes”

  1. Carol Says:

    Good Luck with your weight loss,i try and do this every day of my life!so hard!especially the no sugar bit!and cutting the Carb’s,but it does work,i have just been told i have high Cholestel,so now i am only allowed 2 egg yokes a week,2 low fat cheese slices a week,125grm’s of meat,chicken,or pork twice a week,no butter,tiny amount of nut’s,no added salt!and keep alcohol to a minimum,or none!can eat lot’s of Bean’s and Legumes,whole-meal Bread(small amount)anyway all the thing’s i love to indulge in have now been banned!may as well slit my throat!the joy’s of getting older,i don’t think so!all the best,i will follow you! ps, sorry spelt Cholestral wrong!

  2. Poppa John Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement – other than high blood pressure and salt, I have no real diet issues. I cut back on candy because of that blue zone sugar thing. It will take a year off my life when I reach 94. Alcohol will only add half a year, so not worth the effort unless I drink too much than eat too much and get punished twice. So I detox to lose the weight and cut back on stomach girth. I’m too old to reform more than 16 days at a time so I admire you for trying the everyday thing.

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