Happy Easter – A week of Reflection!


This is my third detox from alcohol in the past two years. I normally only drink red wine and the amount is steady at just shy of one bottle a day. Occasionally on vacations, I start with a few mid day beers, which become institutionalized after vacation and lead to a weight gain. Allegedly, two glasses of wine is healthy and a bottle is not evil. However, mixing beer, wine and rum and drinking above the limits of two glasses a day will have definite long term effects other than just weight gain. Whenever I reach the point of accepting my bad Holiday Habits as the norm, it is time to break the habit with a detox. 

Daily reports are published at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Coffeepot-Cooking/

The first week report is acceptable, down 4 pounds and I intend to do better this week now that I am not tied to my desk and I intend to get caught up on my yard work. It will be hard to lose more than 4 pounds because that will drop me to 172 which is a very acceptable weight. Amazingly, I don’t find it hard to give up drinking and the change does not effect my sleep patterns as I have slept like a bear in hibernation all week.

The biggest issue is the lack of socialization for the week. Living alone, is not healthy and my normal workaround has been to enjoy a couple of glasses of red wine with a compatible group at the Palms Resort every evening. I have coffee there in the morning but then after that the next period of socialization is cocktail hour which I look forward to. When I detoxed in the winter my biggest issue was a feeling of deep loneliness. Well it is spring in St. Croix, so it is warm enough to go swimming and every afternoon, I have gone to the Palms for a swim and human interaction. The only thing I have missed is certain people.

Because it was Easter, there was an obvious workaround. John and Sally are religious in a very none judgmental sort of way. There religion is personal and so they don’t preach or promote. Still, Sally occasionally teases me about joining them. I called her and invited myself to an Easter Sunrise service and we had a pleasant morning before, during and after the service. There were many people I knew and it was a nondenominational sunrise service so other than John and Sally and a couple of other close friends, no one else knew that this was my first totally voluntary non-obligatory church attendance in my adult life.

Not sure if this will ever become a habit but am not entirely opposed to a sequel.


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