Giambotta, Italian Stewed Chicken


Giambotta, Italian Stew?

I am indebted to Maria Pitella for reminding me of this meal and I never knew that Giambotta meant Italian Stew. My Mother-in-Law and her Brother were both born in Italy and my wife was a great Italian cook as were her Mother and Aunt. Now the family all favored every type of pasta with red sauce or very good meat as her Grandfather and Uncle had run a Butcher Shop. The red sauce would have seafood or three types of meat, veal, pork (or sausage) and beef (usually meatballs or Braciole).

My wife never made this stew and for good reason. She liked her chicken barbequed and beef, in any recipe including stew. On rainy days, you could almost count on beef stew and on the very rare occasions that she made this, I am not sure if she made it in an Italian style or an Irish style and she simply called it chicken stew. But this is the way Dolores made it with the principle difference being the inclusion of carrots and thickening the gravy with a rue.

Chicken Stew:


1 potatoes peeled and diced
2 carrots coined
1 1 piece mild Italian sausage sliced into chunks
1 boneless chicken breasts sliced into strips
2 T cup of extra virgin olive oil
1 oz rum
1 small red bell peppers sliced
1 medium onions sliced
1 stalk celery cut into small pieces
1/4 tsp of oregano
1 Bay leaf

1 bullion and 12 oz. Water
cold rue (1 T butter 1 T flour )
salt and pepper to taste


  1. Mix a tablespoon of room temperature butter with a tablespoon of white flower until smooth set aside.
  2. Precook the carrots for an hour in a foil covered coffeepot using about 1 tsp of salt with the cut up carrots and potatoes to the coffeepot and passing 8 cups water through the coffeemaker portion prior to covering with foil. Save and set aside.
  3. Put everything else into the empty coffeepot and cook covered for about 2 hours.
  4. Add the potatoes and carrots and run 12 oz of water through the coffeemaker.
  5. Give the pot about 1 hour for the carrots and potatoes to get hot.
  6. Decant the broth a little at a time into the rue until all the liquid is mixed with the rue. Return it to the pot. Serve when ready.

This was very good but more than a meal for one person but not quite enough for two unless I used more potatoes. That means I had leftovers because I didn’t plan ahead which I definitely try to avoid having around. The only way I am winning “The Battle of the Bulge” is by waging my constant “War Against Leftovers.” In this case I got rid of them by eating them as a snack the next day. They were quite good.

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5 Responses to “Giambotta, Italian Stewed Chicken”

  1. Carol Says:

    That’s a nice recipe,but i am wondering why you just don’t cook off your carrot’s and potato’s in your micro first,so much quicker!i made a chicken and veg Soup in my Coffee Pot yesterday,it came out so good,i could’nt believe how hot it was,such a great idea for a small serve,but i did have some left-over,so i’m putting it back in the Pot later today,and i will add a handful of fresh chopped up Silverbeet leaves to it,and that ‘s dinner tonight!i’m now using my little Coffee-pot so much,thank’s to you,and cutting back my portion’s!so much better than running my big Slow cooker,which i alway’s cook enough for an Army in!i’m loving your Recipes,thank’s so much!

  2. Poppa John Says:

    Experience, funny word. Seems that carrots and potatoes do not cook well at low temperture of either crockpot or coffepot. A crockpot has a high setting and an hour on high will soften both. In a coffeepot, you need maximum heat on both to soften but slow cooking works well on the rest of the meal and you dont have to pay attention to it. Good question.

  3. oneanna65 Says:

    Thank you. I like your post.

    • Poppa John Says:

      Thanks for coming by. Not sure where you live but have a friend who told he had stage three cancer. He has a phd in biochemistry, did his own research and started drinking the water from a green coconut everyday, Now he is in remission. Then saw the research that coconut oil cures Alzheimer. Started drinking the water and eating half a nut per day. The nuts are free so not sure I would do the same if I had to pay.

  4. Poppa John Says:

    Actually, Carol I sometimes use my microwave as opposed to the coffeepot and I have no idea why I chose one or the other. Both are sort of mindless which is good.

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