This coffeepot cooking blog is about preparing and eating portion controlled meals as part of my lifestyle change. It would seem I’m on track to live a long and healthy life. But I don’t want to do that and end up with a slow lingering death due to Alzheimer’s. It would seem that my natural lifestyle changes are also reducing the risk of that dreaded disease.

Hike St. Croix

After my first three years of marriage (1969), I started gaining weight and my children pretty much loved me the way I was, which was somewhere around 235 pounds. At 5 foot 8 inches that gives a Body Mass Index of 35.7 which is more than half way between simply obese and life threatening morbid obesity. With a lifetime of over over eating I finally reached morbid obesity in 2004 and I developed sleep apnea which is where you stop breathing in your sleep. Since my Father had died from obesity induced sleep apnea, my wife got worried and convinced me to diet.

I dieted on and off for the next five years and managed to hover in the obese range between 220 pounds and 240 pounds. After one of life’s stressful crises, my weight started drifting up to 245 pounds. Then my daughter and niece intervened with tough love…

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