Back Again!


Well it is sort of official. I am 3 pounds more than when I had my stroke six years ago. Yes, I am still fifty-five pounds lighter than I was at my peak but I once again am officially obese. I live alone with a four burner gas stove and a 36 inch oven. It is far easier to cook three meals at a time than to cook one small meal. Unfortunately, since I lack will power, three meals of 2000 calories only last a day and 1/2. Even worse, when I get into manual labor, I believe I deserve the extra calories and a few beers to wash it down.

The only way I know to break this trend is Coffee Pot Cooking so here I am recycling this blog for the third to fifth time with a twist. I will prepare one portioned controlled meal a day by any means necessary. Tomorrow, I will post on cooking sauteed spicy potatoes and tilapia using my microwave and coffee pot.

I saw Don Bailey from the University tilapia program and swore I was going to get serious about aqua phonics while growing my own fish and greens. Oh well, good intentions pave the way to hell but I did have coffeepot tilapia and sauteed spicy potatoes tonight so the recipe should follow tomorrow. I got lazy and used both my microwave and coffeepot but it was definitely portioned controlled which is my real issue. I have also cooked the same meal in my electric fondue pot set at 275 degrees in a portioned controlled manner but you have to use what you have available.

BTW, I tend to prepare full flavored meals with flexible cooking times that would serve college students, myself as a writer. and other dingy people who are temporally challenged.  The joy of this meal from the coffee pot is you don’t have to watch it as closely as an electric fondue pot.

Also my starting and perhaps final weight if I do not succeed is now 212.

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4 Responses to “Back Again!”

  1. Jody Anderson Says:

    I wanted to say, glad to see you are back at it, BUT I see your post is from Sept. 5 and it is now Oct. 30, so get with it. Some real encouraging words right. Anyway I wanted to tell you that we have been re-discovered again. I just found this, . Look on page 3 for Coffeepot Lasagna: Oxymoron or Good Eating? I haven’t been back to my site in a couple of years, just got busy with life, but still think I would love to put a few more thing up on it. The only thing I cook regularly in my coffee pot is brown rice, I have never found a better rice cooker. Anyway, Good Luck with your diet again. Looking forward to seeing you cook, hoping to get inspired. Send me a pm and I’ll tell you what I have been up to.

    • coffeepotcooking Says:

      Hi Jody,
      Glad you stopped by to point out my human frailty. Over the past year I have been passionately working on my third book, “The Memoirs of Captain Sam Bellamy, The Prince of Pirates: St. Croix, 1716-1717” And pretty much ignoring every other aspect of my life. I finished the book about a month ago and thought that I was done. Well, it turns out I am a far better story tell than I am a writer. The proofing process is killing me. All my normally proficient proof readers got caught up in the story and were less than perfection. I sent the last three chapters out to a professional service and the proof reader was excellent except that he/she missed the mistake when the name of a historical figure changed from Captain Prince to Captain Price. Eventually, I will just declare it perfect and publish it. After all, it’s the story I am trying to tell and it appears to come out despite my failures in punctuation and grammar.

      As to my life, I have lost 7 pounds since September 5 by altering my choices, eliminating the morning grapefruit soda and peanuts, and snacking on rabbit fool; carrots lettuce,celery etc. And yes, I have returned to coffee pot cooking and portion controlled meals so there are no leftovers.

      Thanks for stopping by. I can be reached at coffeepotcooking At gmail etc.

  2. Jody Anderson Says:

    Congratulations on your book, I look forward to reading it. I sometimes follow your facebook page and think you are a great story teller so I know the book will be awesome. Glad to see you are coffee pot cooking again and your diet is going so well. I’m really looking forward to seeing what tasty things you have in store for us.

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