Feather Meal Fed to Chickens Contains, Antibiotics, Prozac, Tylenol, and Benadryl


This is a guest commentary based on real science from two respected organizations testing all the feed that goes to chickens that they could find. This article starts as follows:

“Grilled chicken lightly seasoned with some of your favorite fresh vegetables sounds like a nice dinner, doesn’t it?  It may not sound so appealing once you find out  what the chicken’s diet consisted of. According to a recent study by John’s Hopkins  Bloomberg School of Public Health, feather meal that is fed to chickens (yes, feathers from other chickens fed to living chickens…gross) is contaminated with a  pharmaceutical soup that contains antibiotics known as  fluoroquinolones.” Read article here.

The original source article is easy to read and is available from Johns Hopkins website. Unfortunately, I found it even more negative.

The only problem I have with this research is it came out in 2012 and was passed along in the first link in 2013. My concern in passing it along is that Big Business feeding mommy’s chicken feathers to her baby chickens may have developed a conscience and stopped using the feathers and the illegal antibiotics they contain.

So don’t worry be happy! Eat chicken, it’s finger licking good.

I am planning a ten mile walk for tomorrow so I followed my own advice. I ate a  chicken leg (oops hind quarter) and potatoes for dinner tonight; Fried, Deep Fat Fried. I found out in searching my posts, I have never described frying chicken before but here is the Caribbean method of making deep fat fried pork and French fries.

I am still 202 pounds so I expect that after walking 10 miles tomorrow, all the toxins will work their way out of my system flushed out by a few beers before noon.

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