A Commitment to Coffeepot Cooking in 2012

2011 was a very good year for weight loss and good health. For the first 9 months, I held 175 to 182 same as the year before, but I was eating better and once again cooking portion controlled meals. I had simply reached one of those plateaus where my weigh was stable and consistent with my chosen lifestyle. Since I wanted bragging rights on having reached 165 or 100 pound weight loss from my all time high, I knew I would have to change. I gave up my daily bottle of wine after 40 years.

I went through two periods of 16 days each where I drank nothing but green tea and water. The first thing I noticed was I had no withdrawal symptoms at all. I slept just as soundly and just as long. The biggest issue was at first the pain prevented me from falling asleep easily until I discovered, a long morning walk and physical labor all day, while avoiding the computer, allowed me to fall asleep without paying attention to back pain.

One other thing I discovered was, I was bored to tears. Since I live alone and only drink after my dinner while socializing with locals at The Palms Resort Hotel, no drinking means no socializing.  I have a lot of “will power” but very little “won’t power.” The only way for me to avoid drinking was to avoid cocktail hour.

After the two wine free, sixteen day periods I hit 165 and found out I looked like crap. There was excess skin all over my body and people kept ashing me if I was sick. I had not been 165 since 1963. It certainly puts a damper on your love life when you look ill. Since that time I have found that a range of 168 to 176 is best for me with the low side being easily achievable when I live alone and have my daily wine and the high side being easily achievable when partying with my family.

So I am contented with having dropped from morbidly obese to not yet normal. If I want to be normal, I have to hold 164 which is where even my friends told me I looked like crap.

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