A Renewed Commitment to Coffeepot Cooking

Prior to Christmas 2010, I went on two “five day” fasts during the month of December. Unlike many people, these fasts had nothing to do with weight loss, they were meant to correct bad habits. Living alone at my age can lead to bad habits particularly during periods of bad weather. Also, I wanted to get a head start on controlled eating for the holidays.

Bad weather means increased joint pain which can be severe. I don’t use pain medicines because in the past I found they reduce libido and disrupt my sleep with nightmares. Both side effects are more disruptive to my mental well being than pain. Unfortunately, I have fallen in with a group of 60 year old people who are physically fit and like to walk up steep hills and enjoy very brisk walks of four to six miles. They also like to drink and when in pain I drink more.

Well the fast curtailed my drinking and delivered me to a semi-permanent plateau around 177 pounds which I have not seen since 1967. Unfortunately the plateaus which cause you stress when you are trying to lose weight protect you from gaining weight when you revert to bad habits.

Since Christmas, I have been cooking, eating and drinking in a very undisciplined manner. I have been making and eating leftovers and drinking a little more than usual. The only positive remnants of my coffeepot cooking habits are eating more fresh vegetables (in addition to the leftovers), eating vegetarian or vegan 3 to 4 days a week and primarily eating fish and fowl the rest of the time. My weight has held steady between 177 and 182 but I know that can’t last.

For me, coffeepot cooking was never done out of necessity and as a matter of fact, I am rebuilding and expanding my kitchen mostly for a family who understands and supports my use of the coffeepot as a tool to discipline my food consumption. It is this discipline that is currently missing and it is the sole reason that I will be reverting back to coffeepot cooking. During the next month, I intend to do a fast and then I will bring my granddaughters back to St. Croix and cook and eat “normally”. After they are gone, I will rebuild the discipline that has been lacking for the first six months of 2011 by coffeepot cooking and hope to start 2012 in a well disciplined and purified manner – just in time for the Apocalypse.

Oh well, its a plan.

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