About Coffee Pot Cooking & Portion Controlled Meals

This Blog is really about my  quest to prepare well balanced, portion controlled meals for a single person living alone who works all day and loves food. After my wife of 43 years died, I was seeking solace in making and eating meals that we both loved. We called them our comfort foods. My weight shot up to 245 and at Thanksgiving my daughter and her cousin ganged up on me and threatened to cancel the family vacation to space camp. I put up a valiant fight as I came up with every trite excuse while I bought time to invent new excuses why I must eat poorly and gain weight. At 245, I was medically obese and by gaining just 12-17 more pounds and returning to a weight I had been five years earlier, I would hit the medical classification of “morbid obesity”

My excuses were:

  • I worked too hard with weird hours to eat right.
  • I liked old fashioned foods like ham hocks and black eyed peas
  • I loved to cook, it relaxed me and got rid of stress.
  • You can’t cook small portions in a crock pot.
  • You can’t buy small portions in a grocery store.
  • It is easy to expand a quick stove top meal in to double portions.
  • If I cook when I am hungry, I make and eat too much.
  • If I am really hungry, I eat last nights leftovers to hold me over until dinner is done.
  • Take out meals give you large portions and I either eat the whole thing or eat the leftovers while I’m cooking the next day.

The only positive side was I really like fruits and vegetables so ate them constantly as snacks.

One by one, Cait and Dagny, beat down my objections with good old common sense.

  • If I liked old fashioned meals substitute turkey ham for ham hocks, it will taste the same.
  • Buy a 3/8 inch slice of turkey ham and dice it and divide it into 4 to 5 oz packages and freeze them in small snack bags.
  • Slice Polish Turkey sausage into thirds cook one and freeze two. Freeze each piece of Italian Sausage separately.
  • Purchase a piece of meat or hamburger and divide it into 4 to 5 oz packages as soon as it gets home and freeze everything not needed for the next day.
  • Stop looking at the price and buy the 10 oz. cans of beans and tomatoes instead of the 14.5 oz size. Buy one potato at a time instead of 5 pounds.
  • Plan your meal for the day by searching recipes until you find one you like with the ingredients you have or will buy.
  • Have a piece of fruit and a cup of tea and then chose your dinner potion when you are not hungry.
  • The key to success is portion control when you are not hungry followed by having the food ready to eat when you are hungry.

The only obstacle I had left to allow me to remain a fat slob was that there was no way to have it ready to eat when I got home. A small gravy warmer crock-pot was too small for a meal, and it is against FDA, the crock pot manufacturer and the US Department of Agriculture safety guidelines to fill a crock pot less than half full when cooking a meal.

Then the coffeepot concept evolved.

Now this is a highly educated group. Among the three people, there are 2 MBA’s, Two Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and one masters in Chemical Engineering and two with experience manufacturing pharmaceuticals in FDA inspected plants operating according to Good Manufacturing Practices and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plans (HACCP plans)

I promised to research Google and test the concept out. My initial research showed not much beyond Ramon noodles which I have never eaten in my life and instant oatmeal with only a couple of recipes for what I would describe as food.

I was slightly disheartened as I never envisioned my self growing old and living a life as a mall walker while surviving on canned dog food. There was a lot of this during the runaway inflation of the 1970’s but was not anything I looked forward too.

My mother always said, if you cant cook an egg you can never learn to cook. So I tested the limits of my new tool by making hard boiled eggs and they came out fine. Since then, I have cooked about 100 different meals in the past 5 months and learned to live on portion controlled meals and lost 40 pounds.

This post was published on May 27, 2010 and it is now August 8 and I am at 191so I am down about 54 pounds or 14 more pounds in the past 2 months.  Weight loss is no longer a race against the clock, it is a new way of life. In A celebration of Life, I point out that I am targeting 165 or down a hundred pounds from my peak.  I am not manic about what I eat, I eat almost everything in my new found moderation.  The coffeepot was just a crutch I used to succeed and there is no other method I can think of that would have reprogrammed me to eat in moderation.

Two related posts about the virtues of portion controlled meals were  done in the past year, The first was in March when my waist was down six inches and the other was done on New Years Eve reflecting on the progress I had made in the past year. (Ten inches off my waist.) Currently my weight is around 180 plus or minus five pounds depending on my socializing with family and friends.

6 Responses to “About Coffee Pot Cooking & Portion Controlled Meals”

  1. monicasawhney Says:

    awesome job, congrats on the weight loss! love the concept of your blog 🙂

  2. Poppa John Says:

    Thanks, the new goal is 165 to 170 which is lighter than I have been since 1967. I looked great the day I got married and became a fat slob the day after. By 1970, I weighed 225 and it’s been a steady up and down rise since then.

  3. Carol Says:

    Hi there,just found you and have to say i am very excited about this way of cooking in a coffee pot,i would never had thought of that myself,so today i put it to the test,i cooked some Butternut,Bean’s,and some turkey Meat,in a little stock,and it came out so nice,that i am now going to do this more often,what a great idea!i need to lose 15 kilo’s,so this might help me a lot to cut down on my portion control,thank’s so much,i will continue to read thru your post’s,Regard’s Carol

  4. Poppa John Says:

    Thanks Carol. My first advice on losing 15 kilo’s would be start your day with a beverage and some fruit. When not hungry put your meal together and if hungry snack on low calorie vegetables or a can of sardines. Don’t fret when stuck on a plateau of no apparent weight loss because slow and steady will have the biggest impact on permanent weight loss. Finally don’t set rigid goals with a fixed timetable. It took time to get those extra pounds and it will take time to lose them. Most of all have fun creating new meals that are healthy, right sized and most important that you already like.

  5. Poppa John Says:

    oh, BTW if like me you drink alcohol and don’t plan on quitting, switch to wine, preferably red. Other than portion control and fruit and vegetables for breakfast, I really didn’t want to change my lifestyle or eating habits at the start. They have changed in the last three years and I am probably better for it but It wasn’t something I planned at the start so I still ate pork, beef and trash meats like sausage. Now it’s mostly chicken and fish in about 4-6 oz portions.

  6. Carol Says:

    Thank’s for the hint’s,i used to drink lot’s of well anything,not now,i might have a glass of Red wine with my dinner,i don’t like fruit very much,hardly touch it!but i do eat lot’s of Vegee’s and Chicken,and Legumes,last night i cooked 2 tiny Chicken Drum’s and veg in the little coffee pot,turned out great,and does’nt heat up the kitchen,such a great idea,thank you! Carol

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