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Bush Tea

January 29, 2012

Ingredients for Tea

Most Days, I drink tea, I favor green tea, bush tea or a combination of the two. As a matter of fact, my most common bled is lemon grass, basil and a green tea teabag. There are really no fixed recipes and you just have to play to get what you want. I tend to like stronger complex teas wheres many of my friends will cut my tea in half with water and add sugar and lemon.

Strong Bush Tea

In the Caribbean when we refer to bush tea, we mean herbs or plants either wild or domesticated. Hibiscus flowers make a nice addition to the pot and turn the tea a brilliant purple. When lemon is added, the tea turns pink.

Occasionally, I add mint and have tried many wild medicinal plants which have the flavor and aroma of cut grass on a dry day. I tend to avoid some medicinal plants (Black Wattle and Vervain) that taste good as they seem to interfere with my blood pressure medicine, although there are exceptions. The leaves of the Soursop, and even the fruit, contain a gentle relaxant that induces sleep and doesn’t seem to have side effects.

Making Bush tea is a personal endeavor and you have to experiment to find what you like. I make mine in a 4 cup pot and just crush the bush with my hands and put it in the pot with the tea bag. Water is poured through the heater section and drips on the bush. I take my first mug  right away before it gets too strong and then add a mug of water to refill the pot. I have my second mug in about an hour and once again, add back water. I do this 3-4 times each day and then turn off the pot and let the last potful cool to room temperature and use it for ice tea.