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A Celebration of Life

August 6, 2010

I'm 3/4 the Man I Used to Be.

When I first started this blog, I was aware that there was nothing special about cooking in a coffeepot, it was just a crutch to force me to make portion controlled meals that were ready to be eaten when I got home from work.  My weight at the time was about 240 and I had a hundred excuses why it would never get any lower.  When challenged by Dagny and Cait, I was 245 at Thanksgiving and had already shed 5 pounds by the first of the year.  Since that time my family has been questioning my mental health as I stick to cooking very weird and  challenging gourmet meals in my coffeepot.

Near my Maximum of 265 Pounds.

I am now down to 192 which is my lightest in 25 years and I have noticed a mental transformation in that I am starting to develop an anorexic personality.  I mean I am not happy with my current weight and I am thinking in terms of 165 as an ideal which would put me about 100 pounds lighter than my peak.  Now before anybody starts worrying about my massive weight loss, I might point out that I have finally moved from the obese weight zone to overweight and at 165, I would still be classified as overweight even though it would be tough to find any fat on my body.

Another transformation was the suffering of a stroke when I was  in excellent shape and had dropped about 30 pounds.  I find now that exercise is a passion and mostly out of fear for an unnamed  mental condition.  I would call it pelagic-phobia and its my manic fear of paralysis.  My mini stoke only left me paralyzed for an hour and I know that this is a medical condition I never want to experience again.  I am now exercising intentionally more than I ever have since 1981 when I actually ran every lunch time along the Melvin Evans Highway.  Since that only lasted a couple of months, this makes my longest continuous period of physical fitness since 1964.  I am also getting into that blue zone habit of working more around the house .

At this point in my life I am not concerned with my obsessive Fear of Paralysis or Anorexia.  It would seem that both are working together to take me on a path of  healthy longer life even if I am a little nuts.