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Salt Fish and Pepperoncini Flat Bread Pizza

March 26, 2012

Salt Fish and Pasta

Of course I recognize that the featured picture is pasta with red sauce and in this case it’s Salt Fish Marinara or Baccala alla Marinara with a side salad of home grown arugula and tomatoes. I had an friend come by and this is a very easy meal to quickly prepare once the fish is washed. Washing the fish can be rushed if you change the water every half hour and swirl the fish around in the fresh water. Since I always cook too much for guests I used 12 ounces of salt fish and a 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes as the base. Naturally, there was leftover sauce, but not much, as my friend had a couple of helpings of pasta and salt fish sauce.

Salt Fish and Pepperoncini Pizza

In the past I had experimented with flat bread pizzas and really enjoyed them for dinner. The eight inch shells pictured above only have about 150 calories for each tortilla, so this is really not a gut busting breach of portioned controlled eating and besides, I find I can stick to my program of weight control if I really indulge myself once in a while and feel a little guilty about the pleasure of food.


Once again there is not a real recipe. I toasted the shells in the oven for 10 minutes spread the leftover sauce on the browned shells, Sprinkled the shredded Mozzarella and Parmesan on top and then sprinkled the chopped up pepperoncini on top of the cheese. The pies were cooked for 1o more minutes and then cut up and eaten.

Why this particular combination. My friend John From the Palms loves an Anchovy and Jalapeno Pizza pie and the only other one that likes it is me. So, we started sharing a pie about once a week, and when he and his wife went on vacation, I decided to make my own but the only peppers I have around are the scotch bonnet which are extremely hot and the milder Greek peppers. This worked out as a pleasant combination.

The Great Christmas Eve Flat Bread Pizza Challenge!!

December 25, 2010
“Celebration of the Caribbean Sun”

“Celebration of the Caribbean Sun”

It’s Christmas Day so of course we had Champagne and pizza last night to Celebrate Christmas Eve. My niece Cait, who had just arrived from DC, and we decided to have fun making them. We planned and executed “The Great Christmas Eve Flat Bread Pizza Challenge.” We started by going to the store where we both brought our favorite ingredients but the rule was that we could use each others ingredients. Since there is noting tough about making flat bread pizza the goal was not to make the tastiest pie but the best looking one.

We both worked our art in secrecy and then placed them on the pan for cooking.

Since Cait had just come down from the miserable weather in the Northeast, she made her pie a celebration of the sun using turkey pepperoni, red onion, and red and yellow peppers. She managed to fit four suns on an 8 inch pie. I made my Santa’s helper with the turkey pepperoni, stuffed Spanish olives, yellow pepper, and anchovy stuffed with capers. We both used the tomato sauce and sliced fresh mozzarella.

“Santa's Helper”

We both ate our own creation but never did declare a winner. She actually believed that her “Celebration of the Caribbean Sun” was superior to my “Santa’s Helper” so there is no accounting for taste in art. But they were fun to make and eat.

Another very successful Christmas Eve celebrated in the Boyd Family Tradition as created by Dolores.

Merry Christmas to all and Peace on earth to men of goodwill.

Adventures great and small.

March 29, 2010

I have had no great epiphanies over the past week or even new discoveries except that adventurers can be great and small. We cooked tortilla pizza and everybody had a good time eating them prior to a birthday movie. Then there was the the workout with three devil woman who wore me out. (Don’t let their appearances fool you as all are devil women who can tire me out and beat me.)

Of course they are all young and thank God healthy so I am lucky to be able to engage in and keep up with their idea of fun. The adventuresome Miss Ana making the pizza above was also one of the devil woman who ran me into the ground. I brought new jogging shoes and my son in law helped choose an appropriate winter jogging outfit that warmed both my body and soul. Yes shopping with him was a real adventure and I even purchased a hat that I would not  have selected without his help.

Of course no birthday would be complete without a shopping spree at Toys R Us. In January, the little one could have all she could carry and this time, the larger one would get a total of 42 dollars which was related to a very poor math grade so she graciously accepted less than she would have gotten with better grades.

Of course, Cait came along to supervise, guide and to teach her cousins to engage in deviant behavior at every opportunity. She reminds them constantly in a joking way to stop acting like children and stop having fun but all they do is giggle and laugh at her. By the way Cait is a 22 year old Chemical Engineer enjoying family fun.

Earlier in the day, we all went to a farmers market and skipped through the area. It was funny. On one side of the market, we got a round of applause from the merchants and on the other, we were told to stop fooling around and grow up. I suppose all of the merchants thought that there responses were appropriate on both sides of the market. We actually brought a bunch of stuff and didn’t bump into anything or anybody while skipping. I believe we purchased everything on the side where we were appreciated.

Joking aide at 245 pounds which is where I started loosing weight, I could not have done much this weekend other than be a couch potato and beg one of the healthier family members to run and get me a beer.  I’m still overweight and wear a heart beat monitor and consulted my doctor before I started working out.  He is an excellent role model, my age better shape and good control of his health who loves the great outdoors.  When I said this all at a family gathering, my sister asked about the heart rate monitor. Her daughter was explaining about optimum performance levels at various heart rates. I said it was far simpler.

Put the thing on and work really hard until it hits 150 beats per minute and then you are allowed to quit.  The only problem with my method is that every time you work out, you have to exercise a little longer and harder before it hits 150 and you get to quit.

I have decided to split my blog in two parts with different goals.  In, I will stick with recipes and methods in making meals for one.  In Too Young to be Old, I will report on family adventures both great and small.

Sprout Bread Pizza, 2.0

March 13, 2010

I tried my very best to make a decent sprouted grain and beans flat bred pizza in my second try. I made it exactly as I had the wheat tortilla pie with a sprinkle of mozzarella on the crust, sauce above that and a topping of fresh mozzarella and anchovies. The pie was beautiful and all I discovered was the same thing I already know about pizza. It’s a shame to use good ingredients on a bad crust because it ruins the whole experience.

I went back to my Bible and reread Chapter four of Ezekiel along with Chapter 3 to get a better understanding of the context. Now God was mad at the House of Israel for there sins but he did offer a diet that wasn’t meant to harm anyone. The water level was a little light with only about a quart a day and the meat level was appropriate allowing a meal with ½ pound of meat “from time to time”. Since the punishment of putting dung in the sprouted gain and bean bread seemed a little harsh in comparison, I have to conclude that the dung was added to improve the flavor of sprouted grain and bean bread.

Forgot to mention that I cooked this meal by candle light and kerosene lantern as the power was out. It was cooked in the oven of my gas stove without a pilot light that I can use after hurricanes or whenever there is no power.

Sprout Bread Pizza

March 12, 2010

As described in a previous post, I had made a Pizza using a wheat tortilla and it was fantastic and easy.  As discussed separately, I wasn’t too excited about a grain and bean sprout tortilla I had found because I had read the Bible passage cited on the package label.  Well, this is the first attempt at a sprouted bread pizza and parallels the original post.

First the pan was oiled and the defrosted sprout tortilla placed on the pan and since I had some locally grown fantastic ripe tomatoes, I decided on making a real tomato pie.  Naturally I put my fresh mozzarella on top.

After that I topped it with anchovies and black olives.

The pie was baked for 15 minutes and I wasn’t sure whether to call it Mexican Pizza or Italian Nachos. Either way it was mediocre.  The toppings never bound to the bread so everything was sliding off like messy nachos.  The crust had the texture of soggy cooked nachos.  In the end I guess Italian Nachos is closer to the truth than Mexican Pizza.

I am going to do one more try with traditional sauce and some shredded cheese on bottom like the original recipe to see if I can improve the taste and presentation.  If not I’ll pass the tortillas on to my nutritionist who says she eats sprouted bread and has gotten used to the flavor and texture.

Perfect Pizza for Amateurs

March 4, 2010

The sign of a really great pizza chief is the ability to make and work with the dough so if a person wants thick Chicago pie they get it and if they want thin crust New York pie the got it or if they want an in between Sicilian pie they can have that too. The other sign of a great pizza artist is the recognition that the best cheeses and sauce will make the best pie.

With a world of corporate piazza chains and every grocery store offering a variety of frozen pizza, we have accepted mediocrity as the norm unless you are lucky enough to have a neighborhood shop owned by an artist who may not be willing to make a Chicago pie because it’s not real pizza. When I first read about using a wheat tortilla as a pie crust, I burst out laughing and of course immediately rejected the idea.

But why?

I had eaten them as wraps and eaten them as enchilada and currently the consistency of the crust is much better than with manufactured brand name pizza, so if the concept worked at all, you would be able to make a good pie all the time. This recipe preyed on my mind for days until I finally gave in and tried it.

The big problem is that while this turns out a delicious near perfect thin crust pizza, it also is a perfectly seductive diet breaker. From start to finished eating is about ½ hour and if you have the ingredients, you can make one anytime you are hungry and since they are small, you can make and eat a few. This is the antithesis of portioned controlled disciplined diet cooking and I am glad that I didn’t know about this before I learned a little discipline and had lost 30 pounds.

So for better on the food side and worse on the diet side, here’s the recipe that I got from and adapted to the locally available ingredients and the Naples style.

Step 1,Oil the pan.

Step 2, Sprinkle with dry mozzarella cheese. This will bind crust to top cheese layer and make the pie less messy.

Step 3, Put sauce on top of cheese

Step 4, Add the finest fresh mozzarella you can find and afford. Add your topping (anchovies is mine)

Bake for 10 minutes at 425 and you have the pie shown at the top. If you like brown cheese, cook it 5 more minutes.  Be careful not to slop cheese or sauce on the pan as it will char and stink-up the kitchen.

This pie is fantastic but so good it’s dangerous to a diet. The Brunette Foodie definitely makes my recipe Hall of Fame for this one.