Dagny’s Chicken, Rice and Beans



Mothers of young children, have a difficult balancing act when it comes to preparing food with flavor yet without being too spicy. There is also the issue of food products that are convenient, yet offer rich flavors without an overload of salt. Now anybody who grew up in the Caribbean knows that Mother’s little helper is not rum but the line of foods offered by Goya. In my case, rum works some days and I added a little to this recipe just for fun and plus it makes it safer when cooking chicken in a slow cooker especially when the power goes out. I am cooking a pot of bean  soup for over three days as the power went out for 5 hours and its safer in the Refrigerator than in a slow cooker with the power off.

For the more precise Recipe from Poppa John jump down below Dagny’s

Dagny’s recipe for Chicken Rice and Beans

Chicken Thighs, – enough to feed the Family – Thighs work best in her Crockpot.

Kidney Beans – Enough to correspond to the number of Pieces of Chicken

I Sazon Packet per can of Kidney beans

I Tablespoon Sofrito per can of Kidney beans

Mix it up and cook until done

Poppa John’s Chicken, Rice and Beans – Scaled to a Meal for one

Now unless you cook Caribbean or Spanish Style, many of these are unfamiliar and deserve an explanation but they are available in the states from Virginia to Florida usually in a section devoted to Puerto Rican food which mostly translates to Goya Products.

About ½ pound Chicken legs, thighs or wings with bones, less if boneless.

1 can 14.5 oz Goya Kidney Beans

1 Goya Sazon Packet (This is a Purerto Rican Seasoned salt that carries a rich red color – mostly natural)

1 Tablespoon Goya Sofrito (Mostly, natural blend of Tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic and spices)

1 Tablespoon Hot Mexican Style Salsa

1-2 oz Dark Cruzan Rum

The Goya Ingredients

Obviously, my version is spicier than my daughters but I’m only making meals for one. But hold that thought, my granddaughters pour on the heat when they are in the mood. It’s just safer to let them add the hot sauce. This is an all in the pot, stir and cook recipe. I blanched the chicken ahead of time to get it safely cooked.  I cooked it for three hours covered with aluminum foil and then for three hours uncovered to cook off the alcohol and thicken the gravy.

After Cooking 3 Hours - Notice the Rich Color

I have made this meal twice in the past three months and the first time I served it with mixed white and wild rice as below and the last time I served it over a bed of white rice as in the introductory picture. There is no right way to serve chicken rice and beans as it seems to be a personal preference and I have seen it served with dozens of variations in the rice recipe from white to yellow to seasoned just depending on your mood or preference.

Served with White and Wild Rice

As a food supplier, Goya uses both natural and artificial ingredients but is aware of a cultural aversion to salt for medical reasons and does manage to keep the sodium under control.


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