Coffeepot Hotdogs for Novice Cooks and Grandparents


Hotdog and Beans

It is easy to forget as you develop as a cook that there are novices out there who know very little about cooking and grandchildren who love to do anything special with their grandparents. In my case, I have grandchildren who believe that “baked beans” and “mac and cheese” are gourmet delights so I am constantly reminded of the epicurean limits for young people.

As a proof of concept for coffeepot cooking and to have fun with my grandchildren on rainy days, nothing is easier than hotdogs and beans. Most people love the combination and if you check the labels carefully, you will find that some of the Turkey hotdogs have half the fat content of traditional meat hotdogs and I can’t tell the difference in taste and neither can my grandchildren who actually prefer Kielbasa.


2 hotdogs or as many as needed

1 long hotdog type roll

1 can pink beans

½ -1 tsp mustard

1-3 tsp Ketchup

1 T. Brown Sugar



  1. Blanch the hot dogs by placing them in the coffeepot and putting 6-8 cups of water through the coffeemaker. Cook for ½ hour if defrosted about 15 minutes longer if frozen. Gather all the ingredients while cooking the hotdogs.
  2. Drain the hotdogs and set aside
  3. Put the can of beans and the rest of the ingredients in the coffeepot and mix. Be careful with the amount of mustard. It is a strong flavor and can make the beans taste like vinegar so start with the smaller amount.

    Add the other ingredients to the beans

  4. Put the dogs back into the pot and cover with beans.
  5. Cook for 1-2 hours on the warmer.
  6. Serve on a roll with beans and any other side dish you desire.

I have a lot of fun cooking with kids and they begin to learn the rules of safe cooking. In this recipe I kept everything frozen until needed. I cooked the food long enough to get up to safe temperatures and I used the right piece of equipment.

This could also be safely done on the stove with a lot more attention to both the food and the children around the very hot stove. A crockpot won’t work well unless it’s at least half full or has the heating element on the bottom to quickly bring the food up to the proper temperature. So be careful when using a crockpot to cook meals for one or two people. I hate leftovers, especially hotdogs and beans, so I would never fill a crockpot half full.

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    […] Half the reason I’m back to coffeepot cooking is that I love to cook with my Granddaughters; especially totally ridiculous meals like the one shown above. Of course this meal pretty much comes without a recipe but most people will figure it out. For those fathers who never cook and occasionally get stuck making a meal for children, the recipe is below with a little warning. Perhaps I should have left a link to my grandfathers and hotdog post. […]

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